Age of Freedom

Age of Freedom is a feature unique to Game Freedom and is available on selected servers. It divides the game into Freedom Eras, which last a month. During that, you can earn Prestige levels and claim rewards after each level. The Prestige is reset after each Era, with up to 3 days downtime, to allow players claim rewards if they didn’t do it before. 

Statistics and leaderboards will be updated every Era and will be available on websites of the servers with Freedom Era.


Prestige is a feature that allows your character to outshine the others based on your in-game activity. Once you reach the maximum level, you will advance to Prestige 1. You’re going to need to gather experience to reach higher level by doing certain activities, such as winning arena and battleground battles, defeating raid bosses, completing dungeons, daily quests, and completing achievements (activities may vary depending on realms). There is a 50 level Prestige cap, which is going to be reachable only by the most active and dedicated players. 

Every Prestige, you’ll be able to claim rewards, which include gold, crafting materials, pets, PvP currency, PvE currency, and even mounts, cosmetic items for transmogrification (available on WotLK), and more. There is also a bonus for the owners of Freedom Pass: second tier of rewards, which is going to have the same rewards as normal tier, but a little better and with truly unique rewards at highest Prestige: best cosmetics and mounts.

Freedom Pass

Freedom Pass, which can be obtained through playing the game or by supporting our servers, gives you 10% discount on every item in the shop, allows you to grab another tier of Prestige rewards, gives you one freebie per month with numerous discounts. You will also have unlimited Racial Shift (on all servers and realms with the exception of Deus) and a special Discord rank!

This is something that supports all our servers, because once you purchase it, it works on every Game Freedom server and realm, and allows us to make our network better, help the smaller projects and to pay the bills!

Racial Shift

To solve the eternal problem of unbalanced factions, Game Freedom introduces Racial Shift: swappable racial ability sets. That allows a Human Warrior to change his racial abilities to the ones of Gnome or Orc. Class restriction will apply, meaning you cannot racial shift to a race which doesn’t support your class, such as Human Warriors cannot shift to Blood Elves (Blood Elves cannot be Warriors), Orc Rogues cannot shift to Draenei (Draenei cannot be Rogues). Racial Shift is not faction specific, meaning Alliance characters can pick Horde racials, and vice versa. 

In some cases, some races might be unavailable for certain factions, as a mean of stabilizing the faction balance. Whitemane’s Mograine realm managed to have steady 50/50 faction ratio during Ulduar content!

Multi-Talent Specialization

This feature allows you to purchase up to 7 talent specializations (for 8 total). You don’t need to visit your trainer, as you can add a new specialization slot from your talent tab. This feature works on all expansions and will be available on Fairbanks, Balnazzar, and Herod.

Prices for multi-talent specialization are set individually per realm.

Server Network

Game Freedom is a server network dedicated to bringing the best projects of unofficial World of Warcraft. We are open to cooperate with high quality projects, and good people. Game Freedom helps all its servers with advertising, donations, technical issues, quality issues (we provide codebases used on our servers with all fixes and development and we keep them up to date), and more. 

We want to bring World of Warcraft to as many people as we can get, those who want to try the game before it lost its soul, those who want to return to their childhood memories, or those who want to know where it all started. It’s not a secret that Game Freedom supports unofficial World of Warcraft servers (private servers). We do and we will help them getting better and better. 

If you want to bring your server to Game Freedom, keeping its autonomy and receiving all the benefits, contact us here.