Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game Freedom?

Game Freedom is an independent, unofficial network of World of Warcraft servers, otherwise known as private servers. We offer a way to play on older WoW expansions, sometimes with various quirks (dynamic experience) or changed gameplay (see: Deus’ classless Cataclysm realms). We share development and support, which allows us to bring highest quality and cooperation never seen before. Every core behind each expansion is shared between all Game Freedom servers. 

Is Game Freedom free?

Yes. All Game Freedom servers are completely free to play, with an option to donate for various cosmetic items or increased leveling speed. Optional donations are in no way required to play and they help us developing our servers, fixing bugs, advertising, coding (website, launcher), recruiting exceptional support. 

What kind of World of Warcraft can I play here?

We offer a variety of servers, with some of them seasonal. Whitemane offers two realms (with third, Cataclysm, being in development): Mograine and Balnazzar. Mograine has reached season’s end, and Balnazzar – launching soon – is a seasonal realm. Once the progress ends with defeat of the last boss on the highest difficulty setting, all Balnazzar characters will be moved to Mograine, and Balnazzar will start anew.  Whitemane is a typical Wrath of the Lich King server, with increased experience rates and some unique features, such as Racial Shift (read more on  Deus on the other hand offers classless Cataclysm realms, which is a completely fresh take on World of Warcraft. You can learn more on Deus website.

Do I need to have separate accounts on each server?

No! All Game Freedom servers have their accounts connected. All you need to have is World of Warcraft client specific to realm you want to play! In the future, we will offer Game Freedom Launcher that will allow you to download the game and seamlessly switch between expansions.

How different it is from other servers?

Game Freedom is not a server, it is a network of servers. There are servers such as Warmane, or Twinstar, that host realms for various expansions. They, however, are separate servers, despite hosting many realms. Game Freedom is a network of such servers, that allows cooperation between platforms to increase the effectiveness of game development and marketing operations.